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  • Satoshi Nakamoto’s original paper





  • Bitcoin Full Node on AWS Free Tier (gist)






Run some cool GitHubs on Azure (Python)

  1. Azure sample notebooks (run on Azure)
  2. Azure Python for DS 101 (run on Azure)
  3. Azure cntk  (run on Azure)
  4. Azure Python Data Science Handbook (run on Azure)
  5. (run on Azure)
  6. (run on Azure)
  7. (run on Azure)
  8. (run on Azure)
  9. (run on Azure)
  10. (run on Azure)
  11. (run on Azure)
    1. docs
  12. (run on Azure)
  13. (run on Azure)
  14. (run on Azure)
  15. (run on Azure)
  16. (run on Azure)
  17. (run on Azure)
  18. (run on Azure)
  19. (run on Azure)
  20. (run on Azure)
  21. (run on Azure)
  22. (run on Azure)
  23. (run on Azure)
  24. (run on Azure)
  26. Open CV notebooks on Azure
  27. Geospatial notebooks on Azure
  28. Python Lectures on Azure

Good for Python/IPython/Jupyter Beginners

  • Sample notebooks (run on Azure)
    • Introduction to Python.ipynb
  • Python-Lectures (run on Azure)
    • 01.ipynb
  • (run on Azure)
    1. notebooks/ipython-notebooks/notebooks/language/Intro.ipynb to start
  • Python for DS 101 (run on Azure)
    • 01.Basics.ipynb

Neat starting examples

  • Images
    • (run on Azure)
      1. skimage-tutorials/lectures/00_images_are_arrays.ipynb
    • (run on Azure)
      • ImageStuff.ipynb
  • Finance
    • (run on Azure)
      • ipython3/03_Introductory_Examples.ipynb
  • DSP
    • (run on Azure)
      • code/chap01.ipynb
    • (run on Azure)
      • index.ipynb
  • Gaussian Mixture Models
    • Python Data Science Handbook (run on Azure)
      • notebooks/05.12-Gaussian-Mixtures.ipynb
    • (run on Azure)
      • notebooks/04.3-Density-GMM.ipynb

SciPy 2017

Scientific Computing with Python (SciPy 2017, YouTube Official Playlist)



Japanese Kids Shows, Movies, Games, and Videos for Immersion

I have been trying to learn Japanese lately and have been using a lot of Japanese kids shows, Movies, and Games for immersion.  Enjoy!

Youtube Channels

Youtube Playlists

Steam Japanese Search

Steam in Japanese

Reddit Videogame Thread

List of Japanese Pokemon Names

List of Pokemon Moves

Mario Kart DS: Japanese to English

Yokai Watch List

Shin Megami Tensei V Daily Devil YT

SMT Demon List

Good Steam games that can be switched to Japanese spoken dialog w/ Japanese subtitles

  1. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (YouTube Playlist)
  2. Skyrim: Special Edition
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  5. Doom
  6. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII / 三國志13
  7. Nier: Automata
  8. Code of Princess
  9. Borderlands 2
  10. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  11. Fallout 4
  12. Dishonored 2
  13. Lego City Undercover
  14. Resident Evil 7
  15. FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster
  16. Final Fantasy Type-0
  17. Ultra Street Fighter 4
  18. Street Fighter V
  19. Grid 2
  20. Grid Autosport
  21. Alan Wake
  22. Resident Evil Revelations
  23. Resident Evil Revelations 2
  24. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
  25. Dynasty Warriors 8:Xtreme Legends Complete Edition/ 真・三國無双7 with 猛将伝
  26. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
  29. Disgaea PC (YouTube Playlist)
  30. Disgaea 2 PC
  31. I am Setsuna
  32. Castle of Shikigami 式神の城
  34. Japanese School Life
  35. Astro Boy: Edge of Time
  36. Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle
  37. Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War

Good Steam games: Japanese spoken dialog w/ No Japanese subtitles

  1. Final Fantasy 13
  2. Final Fantasy 13-2
  3. Lego Worlds
  4. Senko no Ronde 2 旋光の輪舞2

Good Steam games: Japanese text only, no Japanese audio

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  2. DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Edition
  3. Dark Souls 3
  4. Resident Evil 5
  5. Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER
  6. Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER
  7. Half Life 2
  8. Portal
  9. Portal 2
  10. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1,2,3 (No English, Only Japanese text)
  11. Mafia 3
  12. Saint’s Row 4
  13. Sid Meier’s Civilization V
  14. Flinthook
  15. Mighty Gunvolt
  16. Tekken 7
  17. Mega Man Legacy Collection / ロックマン クラシックス コレクション
  18. Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
  19. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth
  20. Tetris Ultimate
  21. Witch and Hero(魔女と勇者)
  22. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour
  23. Dead Rising 1 & 2
  24. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition
  25. 軒轅劍外傳穹之扉(The Gate of Firmament)
  26. Stardew Valley
  27. 4人打ちアクション麻雀 / ACTION MAHJONG (No English)
  28. Kyurinaga’s Revenge
  29. Double Dragon IV
  30. Demon Hunter 3: Revelation
  31. Higurashi When They Cry

Good Nintendo Console Games

  1. Switch – Region Free so North American and Japanese versions work
    1. Bayonetta (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    2. Labyrinth of Refrain – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    3. Shining Resonance Refrain – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    4. Ys VIII – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    5. Atelier Lydie and Suelle – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    6. Atelier Arland Trilogy – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    7. Atelier Lulua – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    8. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    9. Diablo 3 – (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    10. God Wars: The Complete Legend (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    11. The Lost Child (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    12. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (only Japanese) (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    13. One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    15. Hyrule Warriors DE or Zelda Musou Hyrule All Stars DX (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    16. Snack World Trejarers Gold (only Japanese) (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    17. PuyoPuyo Tetris (youtube playlist) – JP version – Get the Game!
    18. I am Setsuna (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    19. Lost Sphear (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    20. Minna de WaiWai! Spelunker (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    21. Disgaea 1 Complete (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    22. Disgaea 5 Complete (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    23. Fire Emblem Warriors (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    24. Seiken Densetsu Collection (only Japanese) – Get the Game!
    25. Dragon Quest Heroes I & II (only Japanese) – Get the Game!
    26. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence (only Japanese) – Get the Game!
    27. Monster Hunter XX (only Japanese) (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    28. Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    29. Fate/EXTELLA Link (YouTube Playlist) – Get the Game!
    30. Moero Chronicle Hyper (YouTube playlist)
    31. My Girlfriend is a Mermaid !? (YouTube Playlist)
    32. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (YouTube Playlist)
    33. Bomberman R?
    34. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  2. 3DS
    1. Pokémon Sun – Get the Game!
    2. Pokémon Moon – Get the game!
    3. Pokémon Ultra Sun – Get the Game!
    4. Pokémon Ultra Moon – Get the Game!
    5. Etrian Odyssey Nexus (Japanese Voices, English Subtitles) (youtube playlist) Get the Game!
    6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – No Japanese Voices only text
  3. 3DS (Japanese)
    1. 世界樹の迷宮X – Etrian Odyssey X (youtube playlist) – Get the Japanese Game!, Get the English Game!
    2. Deep Strange Journey (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    3. Alliance Alive (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    4. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    5. Pocket Monsters: Green Version VC (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    6. Pocket Monsters: Silver Version VC (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    7. Pocket Monsters: Crystal VC (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    8. Yokai Watch Busters 2: Treasure Legend Banbaraya Sword (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    9. Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    10. Monster Hunter Stories (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    11. マリオ&ルイージRPG1 DX (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga + Bowser’s Minions) (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    12. Snack World Trejarers (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    13. Koueki Zaidan Houjin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai KanKen Training 2 – Get the Game!
    14. Puyo Puyo Tetris – Get the Game!
    15. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  4. DS (North America)
    1. My Japanese Coach DS (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    2. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Japanese Voices/Options L+A)
    3. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Japanese Voices/Options)
    4. Puyo Pop Fever (youtube playlist) – Get the Game!
    5. Sonic Rush (English Voices & Text for NA DS, English Voices/Japanese Text for Japanese DS)
    6. Sonic Rush Adventure (English Voices & Text for NA DS, English Voices/Japanese Text for Japanese DS)
  5. DS (Japanese) – Will work with North American DS
    1. Little Charo (Article) – Get the Game!
    2. Kanji Dictionary: Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten – Get the Game!
    3. Ni no kuni: Shikkoku No Madoushi – Get the Game!
    4. Animal Crossing
    5. Pokemon DS games
    6. Zelda DS games?
    7. Any Japanese DS game with NTR product code (TWL product code doesn’t work on North American 3DS, it will work on NA DS)
  6.  Wii
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles

Ok Japanese shows with Japanese Subtitles that match the Dialogue

  1. Placeholder

Japanese Video Game Consoles

  1. Japanese 3ds at Play Asia

IPad/Android Games/Apps

  1. Anki
  2. Mindsnacks Japanese ()
  3. Duolingo (youtube playlist)
  4. Fantasy Life Online?

Doulingo wikia

Good Japanese kids shows with Japanese Subtitles that match the Japanese Dialogue

  1. Placeholder

Good Japanese kids shows – Japanese Subtitles don’t match dialogue or no subtitles

  1. Placeholder

Good Movies with Japanese Subtitles that match the Japanese Dialogue

  1. Placeholder

Good Movies – Japanese Subtitles don’t match dialogue or no subtitles

  1. Placeholder

Docker for AWS

Launch Stack on AWS (Costs Money!)

  1. Picked 1 Manager Node (t2.micro), Picked 1 Worker Node (t2.medium or t2.large)
    1. Or 1 Manager Node(t2.medium or t2.large), 0 Worker Nodes(doesn’t matter)
  2. Picked one of my AWS security keys
  3. Launch using Create Button (Costs Money!)
  4. Services->EC2->Docker-Manager to get Public DNS
    1. Or CloudFormation->Stacks->Docker->Outputs->Managers
      1. Click on link under “Managers->Value” and see Public DNS of Manager Node
  5. Ssh to manager node using AWS security key and docker as username
    1. Either use “Connect” in EC2 or
    2. ssh -i “mykey.pem” docker@<Public DNS>
      1. Make sure mykey.pem has correct permissions
        1. chmod 400 mykey.pem
    3. or convert .pem to .ppk and use putty
  6. Launch a docker container (choose one for now)
    1. docker service create --name dsnb -p 8888:8888 jupyter/datascience-notebook
      1. github link, dockerhub link
      2. took about 20 minutes to start up 🙁
  7. docker node ls
  8. docker node inspect <node-name>
  9. docker service ls
  10. docker service inspect <node-service-name>
    1. docker service inspect dsnb
  11. docker service ps <node-service-name>
    1. docker service ps dsnb
  12. containerid=`docker ps | grep jupyter | cut -d' ' -f1`
  13. docker exec -it $containerid bash
  14. Connect to port on Manager to access services on worker nodes
    1. CloudFormation->Stacks->Docker->Outputs->DefaultDNSTarget for web address
    2. jupyter notebook list
    3. Open <DefaultDNSTarget>:<port>?token=<token> in web browser
      1. Use 8888 for <port> in this example
  15. Make New Python 2 Notebook and then:
    1. !git clone
    2. !git clone
      1. Python-Lectures/01.ipynb to start, rest are good too
    3. Open notebook out of any cloned directory
  16. CloudFormation->Stacks->Docker->Other Actions->Delete Stack when done using


  1. Deploy your app

Other Jupyter/Ipython Github Repositories to clone

  1. !git clone
  2. !git clone
  3. !git clone
    1. notebooks/ipython-notebooks/notebooks/language/Intro.ipynb to start
  4. !git clone
  5. !git clone
  6. !git clone
    1. skimage-tutorials/lectures/00_images_are_arrays.ipynb
  7. !git clone
    1. docs
  8. !git clone
  9. !git clone
  10. !git clone
  11. !git clone
  12. !git clone
  13. !git clone
  14. !git clone
  15. !git clone
  16. !git clone
  17. !git clone
  18. !git clone
  19. !git clone
  20. !git clone

Docker images to run

  1. Jupyter
    1. jupyter/datascience-notebook

Docker images that will need to modify to run here, but looking to the future

  1. Kaggle
    1. kaggle/python
    2. kaggle/rstats
  2. Quantlib
    1. docker service create –name quantlib -p 8888:8888 lballabio/quantlib-notebook
    2. Videos at vimeo, blog w/ex, book
  3. QSTK
    1. ipython docker image
    2. ontouchstart docker image
    3. Twisted logic docker image
  4. BitQuant docker image
  5. Needs Nvidia-docker so may not work here
    1. Torch/iTorch/Ubuntu 14.04 Docker image: docker pull kaixhin/torch
    2. Torch/iTorch/CUDA 7/Ubuntu 14.04 Docker image: docker pull kaixhin/cuda-torch
  6. OSGeo list of Docker images
  7. Docker container for QGIS models (github, dockerhub)
    • can use with OSGeoLive
  8. My Dockerfiles at GitHub

Alternatives to Docker for AWS for running Jupyter Notebooks

  1. CoCalc (subscription based)
    1. Website, Pricing, Wikipedia, Chrome Extension, GitHub
    2. Or Run your own CoCalc using their Docker image
  2. Python Anywhere (website, blog, help, forums, pricing, modulestwitter, edu, edu help)
  3. Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks (Pricey! Website)

My Video Game Playlists in Japanese for Immersion

I have taken my own advice and started playing a few games in Japanese to try to learn the language better.  I record them and then upload to YouTube.  Here are a few of my current playlists.

Labyrinth of Refrain

Shining Resonance Refrain



Atelier Lydie and Suelle

世界樹の迷宮X – Etrian Odyssey X

魔界戦記ディスガイア Refine

God Wars: The Complete Legend

The Lost Child

ゼルダ無双 ハイラルオールスターズ DX – Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch

Snack World Trejarers Gold – Nintendo Switch

アライアンス・アライブ Alliance Alive – Nintendo 3DS

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

Deep Strange Journey 3DS – Japanese Version

Dragon Questドラゴンクエスト (3DS Virtual Console)

Pocket Monsters: Silver Version

Yokai Watch Busters 2: Treasure Legend Banbaraya Sword

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2

モンスターハンター ストーリーズ (Monster Hunter Stories)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Fire Emblem Warriors

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

Monster Hunter XX

Duolingo Japanese

Duolingo Hiragana 2

Duolingo Hiragana 3

I am Setsuna (Nintendo Switch) Jap/Eng

Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Jap/Eng

Minna de WaiWai! Spelunker

Corpse Party 3DS Jap/Eng

Puyo Pop Fever DS

PuyoPuyo Tetris Japanese Demo

マリオ&ルイージRPG1 DX #1 (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga + Bowser’s Minions)

Mindsnacks Japanese

Pokémon Ultra Moon

Geospatial Python






  • GeoPython – AutoGIS 2016 at University of Helsinki (webpage)
  • Geographic Data Science with PySAL and the pydata stack Beginner | SciPy 2016 | Sergio Rey (youtube, github, page)


My Video Game Playlists in Chinese for Immersion

I have taken my own advice and started playing a few games in Mandarin Chinese to try to learn the language better.  I record them and then upload to YouTube.  Here are a few of my current playlists.

Zelda Musou: Hyrule All Stars Edition (Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition) – Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Moon – 3DS

The Gate of the Firmament

Season of 12 Colors

Chinese Skill

Mindsnacks Mandarin

Rise of The Tomb Raider

Half-Life 2

My Chinese Coach – DS

The Talos Principle

Mayjasmine episode01 What is God?


Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13

Weapon Shop Fantasy

Quantitative Finance Resources


  1. Quandl: page (stocks guide 1, stocks guide 2)
    1. Python api
    2. Browse databases
    3. Premium content
  2. Google Finance (page)
  3. Yahoo Finance (page)
  4. Kaggle
    1. Winton Stock Market Challenge (page, data)


  1. Quantopian (main, github)
  2. Python with Finance
    1. Dx Analytics (main, github)
    2. Python for Finance (page)
    3. Derivative Analytics with Python (page)
    4. Quant Platform (page)
    5. Python Quants (page)
  3. QSTK (page, github)
  4. Quantlib (page, github)
  5. Investopedia (page, simulator)


  1. Computational Investing Part 1 – GT – Coursera Page
  2. Machine Learning for Trading – GT – Udacity Page
    1. Intro material (youtube playlist)
    2. Machine learning (youtube playlist)
  3. UW – Intro to Computational Finance (Cousera)
  4. Quantopian (Getting Started)
  5. Sentdex
    1. Python for Finance with Zipline and Quantopian (youtube playlist)
    2. Scikit-learn ML with Python (youtube playlist)
    3. Programming to aid Fundamental Investing (youtube playlist)
    4. ML for Forex, Stock Analysis, Algo Trading (youtube playlist)
    5. Big Data with Stock Trading (youtube playlist)
    6. Monte Carlo Python (youtube playlist)
    7. Matplotlib (youtube playlist)
  6. Python Quants (page)
    1. 2014 For Python Quants (playlist)
  7. Cousera – Michigan
    1. Principles of Valuation: Time Value of Money (page)
    2. Risk and Return (page)
    3. Alternative Methods (page)
    4. Projects and Companies (page)
    5. Capstone (page)
  8. Cousera – Chicago – Asset Pricing
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
  9. Quantlib
    1. vimeo page, youtube playlist
    2. ebook
    3. twitter
    4. Implementing Quantlib (blog)
    5. Examples in python, blog
  10. Coursera – Wharton
    1. Quant Modeling (page)
    2. Spreadsheets & Models (page)
    3. Risk Models (page)
    4. Decision Making and Scenarios (page)
    5. Capstone (page)
  11. Cousera – Columbia
    1. Financial Engineering and Risk Management I (page)
    2. Financial Engineering and Risk Management II (page)
  12. Khan Aademy
    1. Valuation and Investing (youtube playlist)


  1. Sentiment Analysis
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Deep Learning
  4. MDPs, RL, and QL


  1. Hull (Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (10th Edition) on Amazon)
  2. R Cookbook (Amazon)


  1. ArXiv – Q-fin, Qfin recent, twitter
    1. q-fin.CP – Computational Finance (new, recent, current month)
      Computational methods, including Monte Carlo, PDE, lattice and other numerical methods with applications to financial modeling
    2. q-fin.EC – Economics (new, recent, current month)
      Economics, including micro and macro economics, international economics, theory of the firm, labor economics, and other economic topics outside of finance
    3. q-fin.GN – General Finance (new, recent, current month)
      Development of general quantitative methodologies with applications in finance
    4. q-fin.MF – Mathematical Finance (new, recent, current month)
      Mathematical and analytical methods of finance, including stochastic, probabilistic and functional analysis, algebraic, geometric and other methods
    5. q-fin.PM – Portfolio Management (new, recent, current month)
      Security selection and optimization, capital allocation, investment strategies and performance measurement
    6. q-fin.PR – Pricing of Securities (new, recent, current month)
      Valuation and hedging of financial securities, their derivatives, and structured products
    7. q-fin.RM – Risk Management (new, recent, current month)
      Measurement and management of financial risks in trading, banking, insurance, corporate and other applications
    8. q-fin.ST – Statistical Finance (new, recent, current month)
      Statistical, econometric and econophysics analyses with applications to financial markets and economic data
    9. q-fin.TR – Trading and Market Microstructure (new, recent, current month)
      Market microstructure, liquidity, exchange and auction design, automated trading, agent-based modeling and market-making


  1. Ipython Quant blog


  1. Reddit
    1. Algotrading Reddit
    2. Investing Reddit
    3. Stock Market Reddit
    4. Stocks Reddit
    5. Forex Reddit
    6. Finance Reddit
    7. Bitcoin Reddit
    8. Bitcoin Markets Reddit


  1. Quantlib (docker images)
  2. QSTK
    1. ipython docker image
    2. ontouchstart docker image
    3. Twisted logic docker image
  3. BitQuant docker image


  1. Mathematical Finance (Wikipedia pageWikipedia subject)
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
  4. Sharpe Ratio
  5. Bollinger Bands
  6. Drawdown
  7. SMA (crossover)
  8. CAPM
  9. Options
  10. Futures
  11. Forex