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I create real-time computer vision based applications implemented in C++. My areas of work include Image/Video Analytics, Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration, Radar, and Lidar using Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Systems include GPU/Cuda, Grid Engine computing, Matlab, Python, Openstack, AWS, and Data Science based Hadoop.

I got my PhD from the ECE School at Georgia Tech in 2007.  There I worked for Professor Anthony Yezzi where I designed and implemented vision systems for segmentation, non-rigid registration, and tracking using Curve Evolution through PDE’s with C++ and Tcl/Tk.

My github is here

Some of my github repos:

  1. OpenCV Ipython Notebooks (folder)
  2. Modded IPython Notebooks (folder)
  3. ITorch Notebook
    1. Logistic Regression ipynb
  4. Caffe
    1. Train Cifar10 using CPP Caffe: ipynb
    2. Test Random Image from Google using Caffe Trained Cifar10 network: ipynb
  5. Docker (dockerfiles directory on github)
    1. Cuda: github, dockerhub
    2. Caffe+Cuda: github, dockerhub
    3. IpythonNotebook+Caffe+Cuda: github

Flipboard news is here

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