Radar with Python


  1. Python ARM Radar Toolkit: Page, Github, Examples, Notebooks
  2. NEXRAD on AWS: Page, Notebook(blog post), Notebook, CartoDB
  3. Jonathan Helmus Presentations
    1. Exploring Open Access Weather Radar with the Python ARM Toolkit (notebook, video) SciPy 2015
    2. Designing and implementing weather radar algorithms in Python (pdf, video) Jan 2015
    3. Tools and Techniques for Developing Atmospheric Python Software: Insight from the Python ARM Radar Toolkit (pdf, video) Feb 2014
    4. Open Source Radar Short Course(Sept 2015): Page, Notebooks
    5. Open Radar Short Course 2014: notebooks
    6. ARM-DOE Notebooks
  4. Scott Collis
    1. Github: notebooks
  5. OpenRadar: Page, VM
  6. EVS-ATMOS: Radar in the Cloud (AWS+StarCluster)
  7. Baltrad: Page, git, user’s guide, cookbook, short course
  8. Open Source Paper: DOI, pdf
  9. Scientific Programming in Python for Atmospheric Sciences and Climatology: Notebooks
  10. Wradlib: page, docsshort course, baltrad2wradlib
  11. Nansat: github
  12. Sentinel Toolboxes
  13. MIT SAR Short Course: python, github-python
  14. RIT SAR: github
  15. LROSE: Page, Software, Video on PyArt and LRose(slides), Paper(poster)
  16. SoloPy radar display: github
  17. RSL: page